The information posted on this site is presented in the interest of educating investors, but should not be taken as investment advice, nor as a recommendation to buy or sell specific securities, or products.  I am not a professional, and as such, I cannot advise which companies, or products you should own.  The information posted is my opinion, and may not be appropriate for, or consistent with, the individual circumstances of others.  Please consult a professional as necessary, and always, always, do your own research and make your own investment decisions.  I have discovered nothing that works one hundred percent of the time.  Failure is a big part of the learning experience, and I can't accept the blame for the mistakes of others - I make enough of my own!  Myself, I did a lot of practice trades before putting any real money at risk.


As for comments, I welcome others to ask questions, and challenge anything I post on this blog.  That said, I will delete any comments that do not further the discussion, are purely derogatory, or are completely irrelevant.  As at the time of this writing, I have never needed to do so.  Thanks.       

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